Easy Crunchy Granola

Easy Crunchy Granola

45 minutes

  • Serving Size:   6
  • Dairy-Free:   True
  • Vegetarian:   True
  • Weight Watcher Points:   22
  • morning meal
  • brunch
  • breakfast
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Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees.

Pour the uncooked oats, dry cereal and sugar into a large bowl.

Add the cinnamon, nuts and salt, mix well.

Pour oil into the measuring cup.

Spread it around the cereal mix.

Pour honey into the same cup and the oil left in the cup will help get the honey out of the cup.

Add the vanilla to the bowl and toss everything together until evenly coated.You may need to break up any clumps of honey with your fingers.

Pour everything out into a large cookie sheet with a lip. You may need to do this in more than one batch.

Bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes, turning it with a spatula.Continue baking for another 15 minutes until it turns a golden brown.When it is finished cooking, allow to cool slightly.

Add the fruit and stir to combine.Store in an air tight container.

Easy Crunchy Granola

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