Strawberries and Cream Cake

Strawberries and Cream Cake

45 minutes

  • Serving Size:   8
  • Vegetarian:   True
  • Weight Watcher Points:   11
  • dessert
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!For Cake:Preheat oven to 350 F (176 C). Grease a 9x2 cake pan (8-inch round is just fine) with cooking spray or butter.

Add a little bit of flour (about cup) to the pan, move it all around, and tap off all the excess.In a large bowl, add butter and cup sugar and beat with mixer until soft and creamy.

Add eggs, milk, and vanilla. Beat well.

Add flour, baking powder, and salt; and give this powder mixture a little mix with a spoon and then beat with mixer on low until just combined.Dont overbeat in this step.

Bake until a fork poked inside comes out clean (~25 min).

Let cool for 10 minutes.Then remove cake from pan and let cool for another ten minutes before splitting cake in half lengthwise (serrated knife works best for this).Once youve made the strawberry mixture and the cream, start layeringfirst add half the strawberries plus its juices onto the first half of the cake (cut side up),then half the cream (dont spread to the very edge), then the other half of the cake (cut side down),then the remainder of the cream, and lastly, the remainder of the strawberries plus its juices.!For Strawberries

Add cup of sugar to sliced strawberries in a bowl and gently fold together to mix.!For Cream:Beat heavy cream with cup of sugar until thick peaks form.

Strawberries and Cream Cake

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